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     Welcome to my website! I like the heading, Peaceful Communication because I believe that communication, both verbal and non-verbal are the basis for any program that targets social behavioral change. I spent the last 15 years of my life traveling around to global hot spots working on peace building, environment, human rights, and community development, searching for a method that would give me insight into how to promote positive social change on the largest scale possible. What I found is that only an ecletic social innovator who uses a wide variety of methods, with flexibility,  can succeed in serving  many diverging, contradicting and localized interests. Yes, we are global, but we are also diverse, with different perspectives, religions, languages etc.  Only projects that invest in understanding these differences will be able to win over persistent  negative social behaviors ie; violence, racism, terrorism.  Understanding our client is fundamental.  One would think that we would not miss the obvious. But in reality something the market economy did many years ago (client based market research) was overlooked by the good intentions of those who wanted  to fix our social ills and thought they knew the answers already.
     I am devoted to preparing quality social change projects that put understating of the target population in the center of the project.  This will not only be the "right" project but a high impact one as well. Using advanced social change technologies such as social marketing, social advertising and community based social change will insure the desired behavioral change.  

About Me:

    Traveling and working as a consultant in many political hotspots such as Kosovo, Bosnia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Israel and Palestine, I have gained experience working with the for-profit and non-profit sector. I have experience working with international organizations and local NGO's in conflict areas in Europe and the Middle East. I have spent years conducting peace building and training in the Balkans (Serbia, Montenegro, Macadonia, Kosovo, Bosnia).  My focus has been conflict resolution, gender mainstreaming, communications and marketing, mediation and leadership skills. I have worked with many different ethnic, religious and political groups from a variety of social backgrounds.

As a full time staff member of the Council of Europe in the years 2005-2008, I was the campaign manager of the “All Different All Equal” campaign in 48 countries around Europe. This campaign addressed the issues of human rights, racism, intolerance, xenophobia and other forms of discrimination.  " All Different, All Equal" was a large scale pan European marketing and public relations campaign that included establishing and working with National Campaign Committees from all the diverse countries participating in the campaign. This required collaboration with many different cultures and nationalities. The position required not only managing a large staff in the Council of Europe secretariat,  but also finding issues and topics that would create the  possibility of uniting a very diverse Europe into one campaign. During the duration of the campaign, I worked with Governmental and Non-governmental sectors to find a way to fight against a rising new form of racism in Europe,  Islamphobia. This was a particularly difficult task within the International community  because of terror and wars in the Middle East. Through this campaign I have gained experience that I think would make me a suitable candidate for the current position you are offering.


  I have received a Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, which adds to the many years of experience I have in the field. I am now writing a book on |Social Marketing for my PhD. Campaigning and advocacy, in peace building, gender inequality, human rights and environment have been the focus of my work  for many years. I am looking forward to conducting work in the social marketing and public relations field that will enable me to apply my diverse experience and academic background.

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